to that of TV dramas

2022-10-07 21:13:00

1. Hello, Uncle

There is no problem with verbal humor, but the plot is too fragmented, and the director's camera language is basically inferior to that of TV dramas. If you change to a professional director and increase the shooting intensity, the film may be upgraded as a whole. The image of the fourth brother is too fixed. Everywhere is Nicholas Zhao Si. As for this sketch, it's too long.

2. Monsters Under the Ground

At first, I thought it was like "Out of the Earth". When the monster appeared, I found it was "The Story of Catching Demons". It is very realistic. If there is a monster, no matter what the monster is, it will definitely not live in the end. Although some of the special effects are a little crotch pulling, the flaws do not hide the beauty. The overall look is cool and touching, but the ending makes me feel a little uncomfortable!

3. You are my light

Look at the name, look at the poster and think it is a pure love movie. After watching the film, I realized that this is a poverty alleviation film, which has some descriptions of love but mainly epitomizes the work of millions of poverty alleviation workers. The atmosphere at the beginning of the film is very relaxed. It is not as oppressive as expected, and the sense of substitution is strong. The appearance of Deng Chao and Yang Liping is a highlight, which is good.

4. My Heart Soars

The theme is good. The acting skill is not hip pulling, but the story rhythm is not undulating enough, and the characters are not full. For example, Zhao Xue's line is very rough, and the relationship with the team members is not depicted enough. Meng Meiqi is very diligent. Mrs. Sarina's acting skills are very good. Crying is so defensive that she looks like a mother in the world. In addition, when I saw the real video of Yang Yang at the end of the film, I was filled with admiration.

5. Snake Island Python

It is extremely conventional. In addition to the improvement of picture quality and special effects, the script basically stayed more than ten years ago, and it is seriously suspected that the screenwriter has never seen any other excellent monster films of the same kind. It's too ugly. Women's skin is white and beautiful, and they don't wear enough clothes. Men's muscles are exposed, reckless and selfish. They will not die if they don't do anything. One by one, they will be eaten. Finally, there will be only one or two people who will die when they wait for the ship. This is the story of 2022. The special effect snake is still good.

watch more Find Movies and TV Series Online read more where to rent 6. The Mystery of Lop Nur

The themes and elements are mixed and dazzling, but none of them is attractive. The logic of the plot development needs to be examined. It feels like a film that weakens the design and story development in pursuit of visual wonders. This plot is really mysterious. The people who mutated after radiation really scared me, saying that they live in a different world than people, and that the heart position is different. My favorite character should be Sister Hua.

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